I am passionate about providing exceptional, client-focused legal services. I handle commercial litigation, business law, estate planning, and employment matters across Ohio, Michigan, and internationally. But what makes me different from other law firms is that you will know up front how much you can expect to pay for legal services, instead of wondering how much you will end up being charged at the end.

I do this by leveraging knowledge, experience, creativity, and hard work, with value-based fee arrangements that provide clients predictability and results. So all of my services, including litigation, are handled on pre-determined, fixed fee or hybrid contingency bases. No hourly billing.

My Tag Line

Each word of my tag line was methodically chosen to communicate specific ideals.


“Exceptional” means that I will go above and beyond in every aspect of our representation. I will ensure that both you and I are prepared. Whether it’s for trial, moving forward in a business venture, or feeling secure on estate planning or immigration matters.  And you can feel confident that your matter is being handled to your satisfaction because of open lines of communication.


When I say “client-focused” I mean that I approach each matter from the client’s perspective, not mine.  I focus on achieving goals rather than billing hours. To this end, I offer custom tailored engagements to align my interests with yours and provide pre-set fees for a given scope of work.

Legal services

And by “legal services” I mean that I will know the substantive area of law for each matter and do what it takes to provide technically sound counsel. I make sure that no stone goes unturned, all theories are explored, and I have an understanding of your industry or issue.

I believe this is how professionals should provide their services.